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Closet Franchises are NOT allowed at the Summit

Key Session:

Competing Successfully with Franchises

Legal Hassles That Can be Avoided

Vendor Displays Throughout the Conference

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Whether they are located up the block​ or just dominate your local search engine, franchises have the advantage. Participate in a panel discussion of your peers who have worked for franchises and successfully overcome franchise competition, Hear 'Google Gurus' on how to compete in search engines and listen to vendors who sell to franchises and know what direction they are heading.

"I always want to know how my closet company is performing compared to others and the Summit is the only place I get that information".

Gary Mitchem~3 Day Closets  (attended all 3 Summits)​​

CIA Designer Track & Production/Installation Track featuring vendor educational presentations, closet owner panel discussions, and networking round tables

" Jeff, keep it up. Your passion and energy that you invest in the Summit is obvious. That is why it grows and people return".             Ken Rogg ~ Closet Outlet ~ PA

Host Company

Showroom & Shop Tours

Find the latest & greatest in closet innovations, accessories, hardware, software, machinery and much more

Four Meals & Two Happy Hours Included With  Your Registration

The Summit has chosen 6 premiere independent closet owners to present their companies by analyzing their:

Strengths ~Weaknesses ~ Opportunities​ ~ Threats

All attendees will participate in a Q&A where you can pick their brains on any aspect of their success

​​​By Invitation Only ~ Limited Enrollment ~ Independents Only ~ No Franchises

SEALS Team restricted sessions with non-compete groups discussing best practices, sharing confidential data, pricing, and company performance comparisons

"If 'Information is Power', at the Summit, the Power is yours for the taking". 

Willam Deas ~ Atlanta Closet & Storage

Legal fees, court costs, and damage claims can cost you time, money and possibly your business. Come to this session and receive a comprehensive one-page contract that could save you 95% of legal hassles, misunderstandings and lost business.


See for yourselves how this super efficient 6000 square-foot production facility produces millions of dollars per year in moderate to high-end closets and storage systems. ​                ​​"This may not be your first rodeo . . . .

   . . but it will be your finest".  

Craig Maxwell ~ Host ~ Maxwell's Closet Classics

Key Session:

SWOT-light on Success

CIA Director Jeff Klein with his SEALS Team bodyguards