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Summit Attendees Austin 2017

​​​JT Clark, Queen City Closets

Robin Nicolaides, Empire Closets

Rich Deoca, Five Star Closets

Lisa Carlquist, Artisan Custom Closets

​Alley Sandy, Artisan Custom Closets

Ken Yoder, Closet Connection Indiana

Craig Maxwell, Maxwell's Closet Classics

CJ Maxwell, Maxwell's Closet Classics

Shawn Smalley Maxwell's Closet Classics

Jeff Klein, Closet & Cabinet Experts

Ann Klein,  Closet & Cabinet Experts

Joan Ackley, Closet & Cabinet Experts

Alfredo Arguelles, Custom Closet Systems/Vegas

Emanuelle Arguelles, Custom Closet Systems/Vegas

​Alesandro Arguelles, Custom Closet Systems/Vegas

Robert Marinelli, Affordable Custom Closets

Danny Prewett, Carolina Closets

Paul Prewett, Carolina Closets

Matt Prewett, SpaceMakers ATL

Diana Augspurger, Creative Storage

John Glennon, Creative Storage

Mike Carson, Carson Closets & Cabinetry

Bobbi Carson, Carson Closets & Cabinetry

Kris Nino, JL Closets

Bill Ferrin, CT Closets

Don Wise, Louisiana Custom Closets

Ann Wise, Louisiana Custom Closets

Mark Holman, Custom Home Accents

Paul Lindemann, Cincinnatti Closets

Cameron Kartak, AAA Kartak Closets

John Odegaard, AAA Kartak Closets

Mike Hoffer, Carolina Closets Plus

Terri Hoffer, Carolina Closets Plus

Keith Fleming, Edmonton Custom Closets

Jim Myers, Twin City Closet Co

Jeanne Myers, Twin City Closet Co

​Kim Campbell, Chattanooga Closet Co

Kayce Carter, Panhandle Closet Solutions

Derek Carter, Panhandle Closet Solutions

Josh Kiernan, Closet America

Erin Stopczynski, Innovative Spaces

Trish Stopczynski, Innovative Spaces

Jim Fetterly, The Closet Guy

Travis Lenoir, Portland Closet Co

Max Steele, Portland Closet Co

Wendy VanHoof, Portland Closet Co

Jeffrey Cohen, New England Closets

​Raffi Iskenderian, New England Closets​​

Troy Greenberg,Organized Space

Gary Mitchem, 3 Day Closets

John Bell, Closet Shelving Solutions

Jon Jon Bell, Closet Shelving Solutions

Melanie Johnson, Melanie Johnson Closets

Chris Carruth, More Than Closets

Grace Carruth, More than Closets

Bill English, Kustom Klosets

James Taulbee, Closet Solutions Florida

Dave Kittleson, Closet Concepts

Robyn, Drajeske, Closet Concepts

Julie Kenney, Custom Closets by Kenney-Moise

Barry Curewitz, Closet Possible

Buddy Boger, LB Classic Closets & More

Tony Sigillito, Liberty Closet & Garage

Steve Prentice, Reid Closets

Teresa Prentice, Reid Closets

Beth Dunphy, Custom Closet Designers

Frank Longhetto, Closet Crafters

Lisa Longhetto, Closet Crafters

Eric Rootvik, Eric the Closet Guy

Erik DeLaney, Stiles Machinery

Ryan Brker, NW Contractors

​Monte Bordeaux, NewSpace

​Lori Dominey, Classic City Closets

​Jessica Davis, Classic City Closets

Jim Augustine, Augustine Enterprises

​Scott Robbins, Benedettini Cabinetry

Juan Reyes, Benedettini Cabinetry




​​​​​Phil Greene, DoorMark                          

Juan Montero, DoorMark

Beth Banks, Boise Cascade                  

Steve Stoler, Boise Cascade

Joe Bergamo, ClosetPro Software        

Mike Bergamo, ClosetPro Software

Brenda Burchett, Create-A-Bed             

Dale Burchett, Create-A-Bed

Aaron Chandler, Create-A-Bed

Karen Nelson, Keyword Connects       

Todd Bairstow, Keyword Connects

Michelle Weitzel, Northern Contours    

​Kurt Lemke, Hangers Direct                   

Mike Francese, Hangers Direct

Weston Koopman, Hangers Direct

Michael Hodges, October Company  

Anita Hodges, October Company 

Karl Frey, Csaw/Lamello                      

Dave Bull, Csaw/Lamello

Dan Christensen, Pillar Machine         

Kevin Singleton, Pillar Machine

Ronnie OLeary, DixiePly                      

Ralph Latner, Jay Rambo Co                  

​Diana Burgos, The Jewelry Tray Factory                                                    

​Milena Forino, The Jewelry Tray Factory

​Bryant Chappel, Rev-A-Shelf                

​Jeff Rudolph, Cleveland Closet Co      

​Chuck Rudolph, Cleveland Closet Co

Robert Bass, Kessick Wine Cellars     

Ralph Bass, Kessick Wine Cellars

Laurel Didier, CLOSETS Magazine       

Raul Segarra, Roomy Design                

Ben Lucas, Roomy Design

Omar Rivera, Roomy Design

Mae Holler, Hafele                                  

Albert Lopez, Hafele

Jimmy Ware, Hafele

Richard Beeson, Hafele

Wayne Coes, Canary Closets                

Amy Canary, Canary Closets                

John Mertens, JJM Solutions                

Mark Sullivan, Brushy Creek Doors        

Dave Humiston, Wilsonart                    

Steve Hubbard, Wilsonart

Florian Fleishmann, Felder Group USA 

Alicia Fleischmann, Felder Group USA

Courtland Privateer, Felder Group USA

Rich Demarco, Richelieu                         

Glen Woodworth, Richelieu

Adam Lorman, Richelieu

Lee Goldsticker, Lazy Lee                       

Robin Paskin, Lazy Lee

Mike Zary, Titus Plus                                  

Dave Strickland, Vero Software             

Paul Losario, Vero Spoftware

Bob Anderson, Vero Software 

Scott Norris, Vero Software

Mike Zary, Titus Plus                              

Adam Richel, The Stow Company        

Rick Hoffman, The Stow Company

Tom  Kilbane, Rehau                             

Bob  Zeichman, Rehau

Aren McCroskey, NOLA Closets

Ryan McCroskey, NOLA Closets

Barry Curewitz, Closets Possible

David Buchsbaum, Atlanta Closet & Storage Solutions

Amy Buchsbaum, Atlanta Closet & Storage Solutions

William Deas, Atlanta Closet & Storage Solutions

Mark Lee, Closet 1 Interiors

Christian Russell, Ruffino Custom Closets

​Matthew Ruffino, Ruffino Custom Closets

Ted Wettstein, Masterpiece Closets

Ken Rogg,  White House Closets

Katie Rogg Treelisky, White House Closets

Art Shivani, White House Closets

Brian Saddler, The Closet Butler

Steve Saddler, The Closet Butler

​Larry Taulbee, Closet Solutions Florida

​Bronwynd Landis, Closet Solutions Florida