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Closet Franchises are NOT allowed at the Summit

The Summit has created SEALS TEAM affinity groups. These factions are non-competing companies formed around shared interests and common goals, like growing your business.

By creating non-compete coalitions, we are able to share confidential information, best practices and basic financials to help us compare our closet operations to other independent closet professionals within the same cell  and in the closet & storage industry. This helps you minimize waste and increase your bottom line, like having your own Board of Directors.  

You are asked to complete a form to see if you qualify and we are able to combine diverse companies based on territory, sales, number of employees, manufacturers versus out-source, products offered, etc.  

This has been done in many other industries and was very successful during the hey-day of the National Closet Group (NCG)

Round table discussions are divided by SEALS TEAMS.