Are Your Financial Statements Speaking to You?

I have heard it said, " How can I owe profit tax when there is no money in our account". We are small closet business owners and we wear numerous hats. Most of us do not have the gift of financial analysis and aren't sure if we are actually making money. Meet David Encarnacion, CEO of AccounTAX USA, who specializes in helping small business owners in the housing industry, like us, figure out how to place the right numbers in the right columns to minimize taxes and maximize profits


Apps to Grow Your Closet Business

We use apps everyday. But do you realize how many are available to help us operate our closet businesses? Why not put these readily available business helpers to work to improve your staffs efficiency and track vital information. Jeff Klein (the shrimp in the middle) takes the mystery out of apps.

Return of the SWOT Team

Last year, in Austin, we assembled a panel of successful closet company owners who revealed their successes by analyzing their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats. Hear from our new panel  and learn from their experiences. 

Post Austin Summit Survey Question #5:  How do you rate the SWOT panel session?  Excellent: 28.07% ~ Very Good: 59.65% ~ Good: 10.53% ~ Not so good: 1.75%


Taking Great Closet Photos with Your Phone Camera

How many times have you completed a great closet installation but could not capture it's essence because you couldn't get back far enough or lighting was lousy or .... something else?  The Summit is fortunate to have a Summiteer closet owner who is also a photographer and he has mastered the art of taking great photos with his Iphone. Come the Summit and meet  Rich Deoca of Five Star Closets who will share his secrets with the group