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View this timely interview with the respected woodworking industry economic forecaster Dr. Alan Beaulieu as he discusses post Corona recovery.

Our thanks to Woodworking Network and FDMC.


  • Recession still on track for 2022-23.

  • Government stimulus has positive impact.

  • Advice for small business for Summer/Fall.

  • Strategic Planning for re-opening businesses.

  • Lessons learned to help prepare for unforeseen events.

  • Industry activity/event disruptions.

  • and more   

Seen this at convenience stores?

'Have a Penny, Leave a Penny 

Need a Penny, Take a Penny'.

Why not apply this to tie racks, hampers, edge banding or anything else you're having trouble obtaining. See Summit Board of Advisers member Brian Saddler's brilliant suggestion on how to make lemonade below.

Dwell on this for a moment!


The way things are headed, do you realize that the new norms may be telecommuting,

social distancing and working in place.

Your next 'lemonade' might be:

 'Home Offices'

Our 'Gummint' at Work



This is the bill that Senator Rubio is pushing through the Senate.   It will be a great relief for all of us, since it is a grant, NOT a loan.   If it gets passed, we can post it on the corona page but I would apply now. Hang in there everyone. We’ll get through this.  




Mike Hoffer ( and

President - Carolina Closets Plus – 919.244.2109

CIA-Summit Board of Advisers Member

Carson & Klein met for the first time at IWF in Atlanta in 1998. Friendships in the closet industry are forever.

Health Updates

Interim Guidance

for Businesses

and Employers

Plan, Prepare and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019

Vendor Updates

Supply Chains, Inventories, Deliveries, Notices

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Talk about timely!

Our Summit GOLD Vendor Sponsor  has some really great information to share on how to prepare your business and staff 

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 Closet Businesses Updates 

During these uncertain times everyone’s new normal is different, whether that means you’re now working from a home office or simply adjusting to the changes in landscape. Here are some tips to stay organized, busy and motivated as we grapple with the effects of Covid-19: 
• Stay connected with your clients through remote conferencing apps such as Zoom or Skype and offer creative ways to bid jobs with the use of blueprints or rough sizing estimates • Keep communication lines open and simple with your employees by utilizing instant messaging apps like Slack, which provides constant contact within your organization as a way to track progress and organize communication • Use this time to revisit and update company documents such as employee handbooks and job descriptions. If you use marketing strategies like Constant Contact, take a look at what you’ve sent out in the previous months and reflect on how you can improve upon them. • Take this extra time to focus on your social media presence! People are utilizing the internet more than ever and it’s the perfect time for more online exposure.  • Focus on what things will look like a few months down the road - revisit past sales strategies that worked and brainstorm ideas to make them even better next time • Network! We are a vast and successful community filled with great information to share. Pull out those Summit contact sheets, reach out and make new connections. Put forth the effort to use this time to teach someone a new concept or learn something yourself, as well as sharing how you and your company are dealing with the stress of this time. 
Best regards to you and your families and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you would like to discuss. 
Kurt Trombetti  PNW Closets 360-593-4118 
Kaila Rolofson Lead Designer  
O: 360-433-2397 M: 360-818-8109 


Hi all - over the weekend, in an attempt to diminish cancellation of appointments, contracts, etc. I sent the email below to all our current and potential customers.  Feel free to use any or all of it if it helps anyone. 

Stay safe and wash those hands!!

Kathy Morgan 


As we know the current state of our city and country in relation to the virus, we want to let you know what Organized Home Remodeling is doing to ensure the safety for our customers and our employees to the best of our ability.


Daily we are disinfecting all areas of our office and showroom.  In addition, all our employees have their own hand sanitize gel, which we are providing, that they carry with them in their vehicles.  They know and understand the importance of using this, and washing hands while in your home and before and after work.  ANY employee who feels ill is required to stay home.  ANY employee who has a family member, or someone they are in contact with that is ill, is required to self-quarantine.  In relation to this - we are paying our employees so they will not feel that tug between losing payroll and staying home when required.  


This is a difficult time and we understand this.  We take our commitment to do our part very seriously. 


Best wishes to you and your families and please do send us any questions you have about this topic or any others.


Thank you 

Kathy Morgan, President
Organized Home Remodeling LLC

Buckeye Custom Cabinets and Closets LLC

Columbus, OH  43204



At this point, the only real change we’ve initiated is a no handshake policy. We are still doing consultations if the customer is OK with that. Also, anyone who is at all sick has been instructed to stay home. (as I am right now) We have not seen any pushback so far in our area, as the home show we just had this past weekend was still fairly busy and houses still seem to be going strong, so far.


Thank you,


Chris Newsome



Tomorrow we will quarantine all of our moving pads our installers repeatedly use to protect client's homes.  We are replacing them with 100' of disposable plastic to be sent with each install... That's roughly 1500' of plastic a day at our expense to prevent the possible spread of anything funky those moving blankets may pick up while spread in a client's bathroom floor, closet, entry ways, etc...

We are also informing our scheduled clients that our installers wipe 100% of their installed closet down with denatured alcohol (our standard cleaner) and they will be wiping every door knob and hand rail on their way from the front door to the install space for all of our protection. 

We are following the CDC's guidelines for businesses as well:

Here is our company memo (sent out Monday 3/9) including those Guidelines. Just in case anyone in our industry is wondering how others are responding. This information is already outdated... and we are constantly updating and communicating with our staff as the climate changes.



Doing the best we can...

See link to CDC Guidelines:

Matt Prewett

c: 678-898-6078  |  o: 770-422-6464 | f: 770-422-6054

SpaceMakers Of Atlanta |  5950 Shiloh Rd East, Suite A,  Alpharetta, GA 30005


Good Morning Jeff,


 I have received your eblast and we are working on an email to send out to all our customers. I attached a link as well to some posters that can be printed for showrooms to let customers know we’re taking their safety seriously. Thanks for taking charge and getting businesses to share ideas. Crazy time right now!!

Craig Maxwell

Inspired Closets by Maxwell


Thanks to Kathy for offering to use some of what she wrote .  


As we all bond together as a country and work through this virus, we want to let you know what we are doing to ensure the safety for our customers and our employees.


All our employees have their own hand sanitize gel, which we are providing, that they carry with them in their trucks.  They know and understand the importance of using this, while in your home and before and after work.  They will hand sanitize each time they have to touch any doorknobs in your house.  After your job is complete, before we leave, we will wipe down all surfaces to make sure all surfaces are clean and as germ free as possible.


ANY employee who feels ill is required to stay home.  ANY employee who has a family member, or someone they are in contact with that is ill, is required to self-quarantine.    


This is a difficult time and we understand this.  We take our commitment to do our part very seriously. 


I am personally monitoring each job.   We don’t feel like you’ll need to postpone your installation but if you have any questions, contact me.  


Thanks so much.

Mike Hoffer ( and

President - Carolina Closets Plus – 919.244.2109


Doing Our Part to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19


The Closet Butler, LLC is committed to your safety and the safety of our employees during the recent COVID-19 outbreaks. 

We assure you that our products are manufactured with the utmost care, quality, and sanitation in the industry. Our USA based products and anti-microbial melamine products are undergoing sanitation by our distributors and at our manufacturing facility in Kaysville. 

Due to our modest size, unlike other companies employing hundreds of employees, we can control and maintain higher standards while reacting quickly to the changing market conditions. 

We have met with each of our departments to ensure that they have the proper cleaning agents they need to sanitize each of our products, vehicles, and equipment daily. We will continue to educate our employees on proper handwashing techniques and the recent health guidelines distributed by the CDC and WHO. Our employees are required to stay home if they are feeling ill, or have family members who have been ill. 

In-Home Design Consultations:
Our designers will be taking extensive safety measures, including proper hand sanitation before and after each consultation. We are also able to provide free quotes completely online. Ask us for details. 

We have extensively educated our installers and will continue to offer white-glove service. To protect you and your loved ones, our installers will be practicing proper hand sanitation before and after each appointment. Our installers will also be sanitizing their tools and vehicles daily and disinfecting all work surfaces after their visit to your home. 

It is our priority to continue educating our staff as more information becomes available, and continue to encourage a healthy lifestyle both in the workplace and out. 

If you or your family members have been feeling ill, we would encourage you to reschedule your appointment with us to a later date to ensure the safety of our employees and customers during this time. 

If you have any questions or we can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to call. We appreciate your continued business. 


Thank you, 

Brian & Steve Saddler
Co-Owners, The Closet Butler

Wanting to schedule a bid, but don’t want us coming to you?

We can bid off of blueprints, or rough measurements that you provide. Any changes you would like to make to our initial drawings or questions you may have can be answered via phone call, text, email, Facetime, or Skype. Call our office to learn more about how we are digitizing our process.


Hello All, 


I know most of us have sent a letter or are sending a letter out. if you haven't I would encourage you too. This is what we are sending out with our "pre-install/what to expect letter'' (also posted on our web site) that goes out to every job 3-4 days prior to there installation. I hope by sharing this it may help someone. May God bless us all through this Temparay outbreak

Brian Saddler  Owner/Designer

Cell: 801.388.3043 I Website:


My installers told me this morning that this will be their last day of work until this blows over. They are too frightened to be in other people's homes even though I have provided them with all the tools they need to protect themselves. Now what...To be honest everyone, my installers have worked for me for over 15-20 yrs. It hurt them to say this to me. They don't want to hurt me but literally everything is shut down here and they are wondering why they should be at risk. For what? So someone can put their shoes away? I understand where they are coming from although it's likely they will get more exposure walking through a grocery store than in a customer's home. 


I had already been thinking that as of Monday we would shut down for 2 weeks but didn't want to announce that until Friday so they beat me to it. I can't in good conscience press them to do what makes them feel unsafe. I don't think our government has done a good job of explaining that the issue is not if you will get this. The issue is our ability to muster the proper medical response if everyone gets sick at the same time. I have friends telling me that think they (or a family member) had it a month or 2 months ago. Extended low grade fever was their clue. I'm happy to know you can only get this once and then you will be immune. By the time they get the vaccine ready, we'll be naturally protected. 


So what now? I have instructed my designers to call their appointments and tell the people we need to respect our governments attempts to sequester people. We will request to work remotely. Give us rough measurements and photos which we can design from and final measure in a couple of weeks. Everyone will understand .....I think or at least hope. 


Diana Augspurger

Creative Storage

634 Linden Ave

Buffalo, NY 14216



Sorry to hear Diana.  I don't think it's as much the government's communication as much as it is the public's resistance to the idea of how this will affect others.  I think the government has been abundantly clear, but younger people still want to go about life without constraints.  Where I live in Louisiana we have seen a lot of diagnosed cases.  I'm sure, like everywhere, there are thousands of cases undiagnosed.  The reality is 98-99% will be unaffected.  But the 1-2% that are REALLY ARE.  That's what we have to get under control to not overwhelm the hospitals.  Americans aren't good at listening to authority.  We are birthed in rebellion after all.  I don't know where this goes, but there is something reassuring about having a group of like-minded people to help you through it all.  I'm glad to be a part of this organization.  Be safe friends.



Christian Russell

Ruffino Custom Closets

111 Campbell Blvd.

Mandeville, LA 70471

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