Atlanta Summit 2019 Post Conference Survey Monkey

(sent to 200+ attendees)

Q10: To what extent do you want Vendor participation at the Summit?

A1 - Have vendors embedded in the entire conference (the present format) - 89.77%

A2 - Would prefer a conference with no vendors - 0%

A3 - Have vendors in a separate expo area not embedded with the closet owners - 5.68%

A4 - No Opinion -  4.55%

Bronze Vendor Ambassador: $1,495.

- Includes 2 Reps

Embedded with the Closet Professionals at all events, sessions, round tables, tours, five meals, two happy hours. Table top display in the Plaza Foyer.

Silver Vendor Ambassador: $1,995. - Includes 3 Reps

Same as above but with exhibit space in the main Conference Ballroom for conducting scheduled how-to demonstrations and hands-on mini workshops.

Gold Vendor Ambassador: $2,495. 

- Includes 4 Reps

All the Silver benefits plus private meeting room for educational presentations (only 4 meeting rooms available), workshops, and demonstrations during Thursday afternoon Vendorama

Additional Reps beyond those included in package $399. each

Spouses ~ Meals, networking events and tours only $299 .each

Sponsorships Available to Registered Vendor Ambassadors:

  • Badge neck lanyard (exclusive): $500. SOLD: ClosetPro

  • Meal Sponsor (four meals available ~ 5-10 minute exclusive presentation and table brochures):

  1. Breakfasts (two available) at $495. each

  2. Lunches (two available) at $695. each

  • NASCARBS Belt Sander Race Prize (Cup carries sponsor's name). Prize must be a product worth at least $1500 or $500 cash prize.

  • ​Happy Hours:

  1. Wednesday night Meet & Greet $595.

  2. Thursday night at BIG Pig Out open bar $795.​

*Registration fee includes

(Wednesday evening 6pm, October 21st through

Friday afternoon 4pm, October 23rd, 2020):

  • Wednesday evening networking Meet and Greet wine, beer and Southern Hospitality snacks

  • Hotel shuttle to local restaurants for networking dinners (on your own)

  • Thursday networking breakfast buffet and noon luncheon

  • All Thursday sessions, seminars, presentations, round-tables, panel discussions, vendor displays

  • Transportation to three tours: New Concepts in Storage, Queen City Closets, and Element-Designs

  • Thursday afternoon BIG Pig Out banquet, networking happy hour and NASCARBS belt sander races

  • Friday networking breakfast buffet and noon luncheon

  • All Friday Closet Institute sessions, seminars, presentations, round-tables, panel discussions, vendor displays


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

"We found a couple of new vendors who will help us drive sales in 2020".

Jeff Cohen - New England Closets


"This was our first Closet Summit, and it exceeded my expectations. As a vendor, this is a great way to get in front of  the independent closet industry".

Kevin Creedon - Vendor Element-Designs

"Vendors who are not at the Closet Summit are missing out! Whether you are a start-up or a veteran vendor, you owe it to us (your customers) and yourselves to be there!"

Cheryl Meyer - Cardinal Closets

"I think the way the Summit integrates the vendors with the participants is perfect!"

Milena Forino, -  Vendor The Jewelry Tray Factory

"Vendors, you support us at the Summit, and we'll support you!"

Ricky Patel - Closet Concepts Houston

"We at Cabinet Vision look forward to meeting and interacting with the attendees at every Summit. We haven't missed one yet".

Don Diamond - Vendor CV/Hexagon

"For those vendors who weren’t there, too bad for you,

it was your loss".

Rob Meyers - Murphy Beds & Closets - VA

Hilton Charlotte University Place

October 21st - 23rd, 2020

Contact: - 912-313-9943