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Is 15 Minutes of Your Time Worth $30 Billion?

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Facts about the Closet, Storage & Organization Industry:

Estimated Annual Sales: $30 Billion

Estimated Total Closet Companies in North America: 4500+

Estimated Independent Closet Businesses: 3600+

Facts about average closet business attendees at Summits:

Survey Results reported 10/15/20202

Year Business Established: 2004

Original Owners: 81%

Annual Sales 2018: $1,151,366

Project Sales 2019: $1,328,951

Increase: 15.4%

Total Employees: 10.4

Sales to Employee Ratio: $130,878

Sales Closing Ratio: 62%

Number having Showroom: 79%

Size of Showroom: 1225sf

Manufacture their own Product: 64%  Outsource:36%

Atlanta Summit 2019 Post Conference Survey Monkey

(sent to 200+ attendees)

Q10: To what extent do you want Vendor participation at the Summit?

A1 - Have vendors embedded in the entire conference (the present format) - 89.77%

A2 - Would prefer a conference with no vendors - 0%

A3 - Have vendors in a separate expo area not embedded with the closet owners - 5.68%

A4 - No Opinion -  4.55%

Bronze Vendor Ambassador: $1,495.

- Includes 2 Reps

Embedded with the Closet Professionals at all events, sessions, round tables, tours, five meals, two happy hours. Table top display in the Plaza Foyer.

Silver Vendor Ambassador: $1,995. - Includes 3 Reps

Same as above but with exhibit space in the main Conference Ballroom for conducting scheduled how-to demonstrations and hands-on mini workshops.

Gold Vendor Ambassador: $2,495. 

- Includes 4 Reps

All the Silver benefits plus private meeting room for educational presentations (only 4 meeting rooms available), workshops, and demonstrations during Thursday afternoon Vendorama

Additional Reps beyond those included in package $399. each

Spouses ~ Meals, networking events and tours only $299 .each

Sponsorships Available to Registered Vendor Ambassadors:

  • Badge neck lanyard (exclusive): $500. SOLD: ClosetPro

  • Meal Sponsor (four meals available ~ 5-10 minute exclusive presentation and table brochures):

  1. Breakfasts (two available) at $495. each

  2. Lunches (two available) at $695. each

  • NASCARBS Belt Sander Race Prize (Cup carries sponsor's name). Prize must be a product worth at least $1500 or $500 cash prize.

  • ​Happy Hours:

  1. Wednesday night Meet & Greet $595.

  2. Thursday night at BIG Pig Out open bar $795.​

*Registration fee includes

(Wednesday evening 6pm, October 21st through

Friday afternoon 4pm, October 23rd, 2020):

  • Wednesday evening networking Meet and Greet wine, beer and Southern Hospitality snacks

  • Hotel shuttle to local restaurants for networking dinners (on your own)

  • Thursday networking breakfast buffet and noon luncheon

  • All Thursday sessions, seminars, presentations, round-tables, panel discussions, vendor displays

  • Transportation to three tours: New Concepts in Storage, Queen City Closets, and Element-Designs

  • Thursday afternoon BIG Pig Out banquet, networking happy hour and NASCARBS belt sander races

  • Friday networking breakfast buffet and noon luncheon

  • All Friday Closet Institute sessions, seminars, presentations, round-tables, panel discussions, vendor displays


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Thank you for registering for the Summit. It's the best investment you've ever made.

"We found a couple of new vendors who will help us drive sales in 2020".

Jeff Cohen - New England Closets


"This was our first Closet Summit, and it exceeded my expectations. As a vendor, this is a great way to get in front of  the independent closet industry".

Kevin Creedon - Vendor Element-Designs

"Vendors who are not at the Closet Summit are missing out! Whether you are a start-up or a veteran vendor, you owe it to us (your customers) and yourselves to be there!"

Cheryl Meyer - Cardinal Closets

"I think the way the Summit integrates the vendors with the participants is perfect!"

Milena Forino, -  Vendor The Jewelry Tray Factory

"Vendors, you support us at the Summit, and we'll support you!"

Ricky Patel - Closet Concepts Houston

"We at Cabinet Vision look forward to meeting and interacting with the attendees at every Summit. We haven't missed one yet".

Don Diamond - Vendor CV/Hexagon

"For those vendors who weren’t there, too bad for you,

it was your loss".

Rob Meyers - Murphy Beds & Closets - VA

Hilton Charlotte University Place

October 21st - 23rd, 2020

Contact: - 912-313-9943