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Registration for Summit #8

Orlando October 20-22, 2021

begins in early May 2021

Contact for details: - 912-313-9943

Meet Your Target Audience

Facts about the Closet, Storage & Organization Industry:

Estimated Annual Sales: $30 Billion

Estimated Total Closet Companies in North America: 4500+

Estimated Independent Closet Businesses: 3600+

Facts about average closet business attendees at Summits:

Survey Results reported 10/15/20202

Year Business Established: 2004

Original Owners: 81%

Annual Sales 2020: $1,151,366

Project Sales 2021: $1,328,951

Increase: 15.4%

Total Employees: 10.4

Sales to Employee Ratio: $130,878

Sales Closing Ratio: 62%

Number having Showroom: 79%

Size of Showroom: 1225sf

Manufacture their own Product: 64%  Outsource:36%

Atlanta Summit 2019 Post Conference Survey Monkey

(sent to 200+ attendees)

Q10: To what extent do you want Vendor participation at the Summit?

A1 - Have vendors embedded in the entire conference (the present format) - 89.77%

A2 - Would prefer a conference with no vendors - 0%

A3 - Have vendors in a separate expo area not embedded with the closet owners - 5.68%

A4 - No Opinion -  4.55%

"We found a couple of new vendors who will help us drive sales in 2020".

Jeff Cohen - New England Closets


"This was our first Closet Summit, and it exceeded my expectations. As a vendor, this is a great way to get in front of  the independent closet industry".

Kevin Creedon - Vendor Element-Designs

"Vendors who are not at the Closet Summit are missing out! Whether you are a start-up or a veteran vendor, you owe it to us (your customers) and yourselves to be there!"

Cheryl Meyer - Cardinal Closets

"I think the way the Summit integrates the vendors with the participants is perfect!"

Milena Forino, -  Vendor The Jewelry Tray Factory

"Vendors, you support us at the Summit, and we'll support you!"

Ricky Patel - Closet Concepts Houston

"We at Cabinet Vision look forward to meeting and interacting with the attendees at every Summit. We haven't missed one yet".

Don Diamond - Vendor CV/Hexagon

"For those vendors who weren’t there, too bad for you,

it was your loss".

Rob Meyers - Murphy Beds & Closets - VA

DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando/SeaWorld

October 20th - 22nd, 2021

Contact: - 912-313-9943