Orlando 2021 Itinerary will be published when it is finalized.

Here was Charlotte's Summit 2020 Itinerary 

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020


12noon-5pm: Optional (limited to first 55 business owners) tour of Egger Wood Products brand new melamine manufacturing plant including tour of production facilities, showroom and Oktoberfest luncheon

6pm-8pm: Welcome to Charlotte Meet, Greet and Eat networking Happy Hour(s) where business owners, staff and vendors indulge in adult beverages and finger foods

8pm-until: Dinner on your own, if you're still hungry (multiple restaurants within walking distance or hotel shuttle) and networking at the Hilton bar afterwards

Thursday, October 22nd, 2020

7am-9am: Networking buffet breakfast and visit to vendor booths and displays around the perimeter of the meeting room

9am-10am:   Announcements, rules of engagement, round table instructions
Session: Welcome to: 

10am-10:45am: Session: Diversifying Your Closet Company To Avoid Disaster. Speaker Josh Klein's testimonial for branching out into commercial casework and millwork
10:45am-11am  Morning break-call your spouse and office

11am-11:45am:   Round Table Session A: Marketing your closet company via internet ~ what works and what doesn't

11:50am-12:35pm:   Round Table Session B: Maximizing your marketing by other available means

12:40pm-2pm:  Networking buffet luncheon and visiting vendor booths, demonstrations and presentations throughout the perimeter of the meeting room

2pm-5pm:  Tour buses to Queen City Closets showroom and  Element Designs (unique doors/fronts) showroom and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility

6pm-10pm:  The BIG Pig Out BBQ Networking Banquet, open bar and tour of New Concepts in Storage manufacturing facility





7pm:  The 7th annual belt sander championship at Charlotte Small Motor Speedway. Place your bets.


10:30pm-2am: Optional continuation of adult beverage networking, if you're still awake, at the Hilton bar. Here is where the west coast Summiteers have the advantage.

2am: Curfew (just kidding)     

Friday, October 23rd, 2020

7am-9am: Networking buffet breakfast and visit vendor to booths and displays around the perimeter of the meeting room

9am-9:45am:   Installers ONLY Private Session
9am-9:45am:  Round Table Session C: Techniques for closing the deal to maximize sales

Installation Jubilation
10am-10:45am:  Round Table Session D: Installers are crucial to your operation: how we can all assist them and make their job easier

11am-11:45am:  Round Table Session E: Helping our installers cross the finish line and bring home the trophy: coordinating our closet teams and avoiding go-backs

12noon-2pm: Networking buffet lunch and Vendorama workshops and demonstrations throughout the perimeter of the meeting room

2pm-4pm: Installer panel discussions*, interviews, testimonials, installation oriented vendor presentations, Q&A

Discussions include:

  • Installer responsibilities and job descriptions

  • Commission vs. hourly: advantages vs. disadvantages

  • Setting the ground rules and expectations with your customer

  • Pre-inspecting the job site before you begin

  • Organizing your truck

  • Jigs and accessories

  • Do you want this to be a job or a career?

  • Finding, training and keeping good helpers & potential installers

  • Preparing for each job using checklists

  • Communicating with the customer

  • Trouble shooting problems

  • Balancing your work life and your family life

  • Being on the same page as your office to avoid being ambushed

  • Appearance, demeanor and attitude

  • Guess who's watching you?

  • Dealing with hostile or annoying customers

  • Avoiding  follow-ups and go-backs

  • Job site etiquette

  • Job site secrets

  • Put your signature on everything you do: repeats will request you if . . .

  • Your final walk through 

That's All Folks. Safe travel home, or stay for additional networking. See ya'll at next year's Summit in Orlando 2021

DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando/SeaWorld

October 20th - 22nd, 2021

Contact: Jeff@ClosetSummit.com - 912-313-9943